Did you purchase old-style non-mountable EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs?

Here are instructions on converting a Non-mountable Dog Bone into a new-style Mountable Dog Bone component of your EZ Grabbit Premium Tarp Tie Down.

Click to Enlarge Non-Mountable ConversionAre you one of the many customers who purchased the original EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down with the Non-Mountable Dog Bone?

Now, you can easily convert your EZ Grabbits to the new and improved Mountable Dog Bone. This allows you to mount tarps to all sorts of structures.

After converting the Dog Bone of your EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down you can screw mount the Dog Bone to different structures. Then you can easily attach tarps to buildings, sheds, fences, RVs, campers, trucks and more.

Now you can create a secure temporary protective cover that will absolutely hold in high winds and other extreme conditions.

The EZ Grabbit Premium Tarp Tie Down is safe on all materials including TARP, PLASTIC SHEET, CANVAS, VINYL BANNERS and more.
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