The EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down can really help you manage your tarp. There are 4 key features of the EZ Grabbit that make using tarp so much easier. They can: (1) MOUNT TARPS TO STRUCTURES, (2) FASTEN TARPS TOGETHER, (3) GRAB TARPS ANYWHERE and they are (4) FAR SUPERIOR TO GROMMETS. Below are some examples of these 4 key features of the EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down.
What is the EZ Grabbit Premium Tarp Tie Down?
The EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down is an innovative device using a new patented technology called linear grappling. Linear grappling is what makes the EZ Grabbit able to do things with tarp never before possible. For example, you can now quickly and easily attach tarps to structures. You can fasten or seam tarps together and you can grab tarps anywhere. They are far superior to grommets and far superior to any other tarp tie down. Let's look at those 4 key features in more detail.

To attach tarp, plastic sheeting or canvas to a structure, simply mount the Dog Bone to the structure. Once mounted, simply place your tarp, plastic sheeting or other material over the Dog Bone and slide the Sleeve into place. When you take your tarp or other material down, you can leave the Dog Bone mounted into place and you can quickly attach a tarp the next time you need it. See more pictures about mounting tarps.

Seaming tarps, plastic sheeting or canvas has always been a challenge. But not anymore with the EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down. Now you can easily fasten two tarps together or even two different materials together. You can create a true rain flash seaming the materials together, too. See more pictures about fastening tarps together.

With the ability of this tarp tie down to grab tarp or other material virtually anywhere, you can now do so much more with tarp, plastic sheeting and canvas. For example, you can attach an EZ Grabbit tarp tie down all on one side of your material. So if you are covering a boat or truck and don't want it. See more pictures about grabbing tarps anywhere.
mount fasten grab tarps
Here's the problem with grommets. They are never where you need them or they tear out of the tarp or canvas. So don't throw out those tarps or canvas with grommets that have torn out. Just use an EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Down and attach it on the other side of where the grommet has torn out. See more pictures about why they are superior to grommets.
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