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An open letter from the President and Chief Engineer of Grabbit Tool Company, Brian H. Combes:
     Dear fellow camper,
     To know about the future, it will be helpful to start in the past.
     I have been going camping all my life. I would always strive to create a comfortable camping environment. Invariably, the rain or wind would kick up and wipe out my best laid plans for the perfect camping experience. It seemed we were always at the mercy of the weather.
     20 years ago we would throw our tents, sleeping bags, coolers, chairs and a small poly tarp canopy in the pickup and head for the mountains. In the days before the camping trip I remember relentlessly checking the weather forecast in the paper, on TV and over the radio. I would even look out the window and do my own weather forecast.
     But come rain or shine we'd head for the mountains and hope the weather would be nice. Many times the weather was great and many times the weather was terrible. Our earliest trips caught us holding up sheets of plastic to keep our gear dry. Of course, our tents only being water resistant eventually took on water. It's a wonder I didn't give up after crawling into a wet sleeping bag for the umpteenth time!
     Eventually, we were draping large tarps and sheets of plastic over our tents and connecting them to our small 10 by 10 poly tarp canopy. We would use little orange wood-working clamps to keep all the plastic and tarp connected together. It was a rickety setup. The smallest wind would blow it down. We kept a constant vigil in order to keep our campsite standing.
     Our techniques did improve over time. But our basic approach of draping plastic and tarp about camp to stay dry was essentially the same. Throughout the years, the common theme was to attach our loose tarps and plastic to the canopy. We would lead the tarp or plastic off from the canopy and drape it over our tents a few feet away.
     The canopy was the centerpiece with respect to staying out of the rain. It had 4 poles for the corners and 1 tall pole for the center. Each pole had a finger sized pin at the top. The grommets on the tarp accepted the pin. Hence, it is a pin and grommet canopy. The center pole also had a pin atop it. The problem was, there was no center grommet on the tarp. We had to tape the center pole to the tarp. For years we applied this "bubble gum" fix, often at our own peril.
     One perilous day, the canopy was readily blown down by a gust of wind. Half the poles were bent, rendering the canopy useless. Although I was very disappointed by what happened, unknowingly, it happened to mark the beginning of something. And that has grown into the products we are offering as a company we call Grabbit Tool Company.
     Determined, I set out the following winter to build new poles. To get by cheap, I went to the hardware store to get plumbing pipe for the poles. I discovered lengths of PVC pipe to be cheap and durable. I purchased several different sizes so I could experiment with them. That evening I ventured out to my shop to do some experimenting. The events of that night will soon transform the way you camp, forever!
     Grabbit Tool Company is on the verge of introducing a new and revolutionary approach to poly and canvas tarp suspension. Whether you're a tent camper or a hard shell camper we will give you the means to easily protect yourself from the elements on a grand scale never before possible. The old rules are gone and the new rules are here!

Brian H. Combes
President and Chief Engineer
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