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What is the Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down?
It is an innovative device using a new patented technology called linear grappling. Linear grappling is what makes the Mini Grabbit able to do things with tarp, plastic sheeting and other pliable fabrics never before possible. For example, you can now fasten or seam tarps together and you can grab tarps anywhere. They are far superior to grommets and far superior to any other tarp tie down.

LENGTH: 1.625 inches (41 mm)
WEIGHT: .70 ounces (20 grams)
COMPOSITION: Glass-reinforced polymer
ROPE LEADER: 1/8" Cord

The Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down is recommended for use in all-weather, all-season conditions. See more pictures of the Mini Grabbit in action.

This tarp tie down attaches to any point on your tarp or fabric. Since you can pull from most all angles without disconnecting, you get more flexibility with tie-off points. Find the nearest Retail Store location that carries the Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down?
The 2 pieces are called the Dog Bone and SleeveGrab thru multiple layers with the Mini Grabbit
Create Lightweight Tarp SheltersMini Grabbit grabbing tarp
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