Below are some pictures of the Mini Grabbit Premium Tarp Tie Down in action. Would you like to see more information about the Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down or would you like to find the nearest Retail Store location that carries the Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down?
Grab thru multiple layers with the Mini Grabbit
The Mini Grabbit can easily attach through multiple layers of tarp material, plastic sheeting, etc.
Create Lightweight Tarp Shelters
Since you can attach the Mini Grabbit anywhere, it's easy to create a lightweight tarp shelter.
Mini Grabbit grabbing tarp
The Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down is gentle on all types of pliable fabric. They can be used again and again!
The 2 pieces are called the Dog Bone and Sleeve
Please note: The Mini Grabbit Tarp Tie Down is a two-piece tool consisting of what we call the Dog Bone and Sleeve.
Mini Grabbit 4-Pack Package
The Mini Grabbit 4-Pack.
4 Complete Mini Grabbits with Rope Leaders
With each Mini Grabbit package you get four (4) complete tarp tie downs and twenty-four (24) feet of 1/8" cord.
Please email us at with any questions. We will usually respond within 2 business days.
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