What is The Universal Shelter System (USS)?

The patented Universal Shelter System (USS) is a versatile, scalable and compact system for quickly creating your own shelter almost anywhere. With the USS, you can suspend any tarp or fabric to any size and shape you desire.

USS One 6-Pole Kit Setup

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Here is what a shelter built with one USS 6-pole kit can look like. Notice that there is a pole at each corner and a center (ridgeline) pole. The center pole is comprised of any standard pole with an extension pole attached.

So what do you get with each USS 6-Pole kit?
You get five standard poles and one extension pole. The extension pole fits on any of the standard poles. With each standard pole you get everything you need to erect that pole. This includes the Long Grabbit that utilizes our Linear Grappling method to attach the tarp or fabric to the pole. You also get the rope lines, two of our RockBuster Ground Stakes and two of our EZ Adjust Rope Adjusters.

Now here's the cool part:
All the above components store inside each standard pole! And when you purchase a Universal Shelter System 6-pole kit, we'll throw in a handy carrying case that holds all six poles.

What do we mean when we say The Universal Shelter System (USS) is "scalable"?

Scalable means that you can now make shelters as big as you want, simply by adding more Universal Shlter System 6-Pole Kits. How big a shelter can you assemble? How big a shelter do you want? It's virtually unlimited!
See even more information about the USS and how big a shelter you can assemble with each additional kit with this Shelter Configuration Table.

Here's pictures of a 20 ft X 40 ft shelter set up from 3 USS kits for a family camping trip. Place your cursor on the picture to see what the shelter looks like when it's opened and take your cursor off the picture to see it closed.

How are those "tarp walls" attached to the USS? We just use some of our EZ Grabbit Tarp Tie Downs to attach them to the USS tarp.

Go here to order as many Universal Shelter System 6-Pole Kits as you need.

Want to see a picture collage of a 20 ft X 40 ft (800 sq ft) Universal Shelter System 3-Kit set up?

Want to see a picture collage of a 30 ft X 40 ft (1,200 sq ft) Universal Shelter System 4-Kit set up?
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